Hey, I haven’t been on here since like, LAST YEAR. *pfft*

It was incredibly hectic for me, for the past three weeks with assignment deadlines, getting sick three times in three weeks and just being dead overall. Plus, I lost a few kilos due to my sickness which was food poisoning then stomach ulcer and lastly, sore throat which lead to fever. I stopped eating healthy for those three weeks other than the fact that I couldn’t actually eat much or at all, for that matter. I got sick right after Christmas which was after I ate all the calories in one sitting, but it’s okay, I barfed it out.

It’s unhealthy and I took a lot of days off from college to rest and recuperate at home. I gained back my health and strength but not my weight. I can’t say I mind that my weight doesn’t want to come back, hehehe.

So today, I started to eat healthy again. One cup of hot milo with a few crackers for breakfast, plenty of water to keep me hydrated especially, in this extremely HUMID BOILING LAVA weather we’re facing right now. No air-conditioning can save any of us, we sweat even if the air-conditioner is on. *sigh*

Lunch, my dad bought for me takeout mixed rice. Chicken rendang with fried fish and rice. I hardly ate the rice, ate two piece of the chicken rendang and ate a few bites of the fish. I actually did not like what my dad picked out because I really wanted vegetables and maybe chicken with a little bit of gravy. But it’s okay, i know my dad means no harm. (LOVE YOU PAPA ❤ )

For dinner, I had mixed leafy greens with a cup and a half of boiled broccoli, four dried apricots(cut in half), three cherry tomatoes(cut in half), pan-seared chicken breast (marinated in two tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, two tablespoon of Heinz yellow Mustard, a teaspoon of white pepper with a pinch of salt) with olive oil, and a tablespoon of Kewpie’s Roasted Sesame dressing on the greens.

I’m going jogging tomorrow morning cause I don’t want to die in the heat of the evening sun. haha. No joke.

If you have any opinions or recipes you’d like to share, please do comment. I would really like a variety of food and colours in my diet.

Thanks for reading and commenting, till next my post. Bye ! 🙂



Yesterday was my college friend’s Christmas party. I attended it with my best friend to keep me company, as always.

I made some bad decisions. SOME is the key word, nonetheless, I had my fill and was pretty happy with my decisions. I did not eat till I was stuffed and had a lot of fruits at the end.

I drank a lot of water instead of the soft drinks and juices they had plus, I had a lot of protein and salad. Mostly spaghetti bolognese and mashed potatoes cause it was FREAKING DELICIOUS.

Other than the food, we did some caroling, I came quite late though. Around 7.05pm when the party started around 6.30pm ish. We got lost twice cause we didn’t know the way and was using Waze. It’s pretty unreliable when it comes to like flyovers but all in all, it was good.

They gave us gifts too, even my best friend got one and he just met them all. It was so sweet and thoughtful of them, though they didn’t have to, considering we’re all going there to eat ALL THEIR FOOD. *cough* I mean, no, to celebrate with them.

Today, for breakfast/lunch, I had pork noodles. 1 bowl has like 400 calories so, I portioned it out to breakfast and lunch. Half a bowl for breakfast and half a bowl for lunch, which is pretty satisfying to me.

For dinner, I had fish, which has like LOADS of proteins. I had a 1/4 bowl of white rice, cause I can’t exactly cut it out entirely or I’ll get like terrible withdrawal symptoms, with stir-fry greens and water.

It was a good day today.

Anyhow, I’m going to finalize my diet plan soon and start planning on my workouts.

Plus, I need to start on my 10 page report on Salvador Dali’s “The Anthropomorphic Cabinet (1936)” painting as my Art’s assignment. Cause it’s due it 2 days. Oh gad, I keep doing this to myself.