Its a given that we’ll all end up falling in love, but to fall in love with someone who is like a whirlwind? I’m not sure if everyone will experience that, but I know I have.

Someone who is like a whirlwind just comes into your life – with no expectation of anything – and somehow, makes you fall madly in love with them.

This love is not the easy-to-forget teenage love nor is it the adult “I want to marry you” kind of love, either.

This love, is the type of love, that drags you into it even when you feel like you don’t want to, and it makes you laugh and cry.

It’s the love that just fucks you up and before you know it, you’re on a high speed rollercoaster, not knowing when it’ll stop.┬áBut when it does stop, instead of slowly coming off, it’ll eject you out of the whole ride itself and then suddenly, you’re free falling. Waiting to hit the ground, hard.

Once you’ve landed, you’re wounded, broken at some places, sometimes on the verge of death. But there’s the lingering feeling of ecstasy that’ll never leave, even after a few years.

My whirlwind love just ended about a month ago and I still feel the broken bones and excruciating pain everywhere, but the feeling of ecstasy is what brings me back to those wonderful times.

My love of 6 years, he was a rollercoaster ride I never wanted to stop, ever. I miss him, everyday.



I believe in a forever that some don’t. I believe in a forever that some can’t. But the reason why I can believe all that is because I also accept the fact that not everything is forever. That, there’s always an end to a beginning, a close to an open. 

In order to believe that forever exist, we have to know that an end exist. It’s like yin and yang, we won’t know light without darkness and darkness without light. 

All I’m saying is, some of us believes in a forever, whether it be love, things and people, we believe we will find our forever. But there are some, who believed in a forever a good few times, only to met with an end that tore them apart. That is something I understand completely, but doesn’t that mean that you are a step closer to your forever, to your never ending. Because having known an end means there’s a forever somewhere, we just have to find it.