Hey, I haven’t been on here since like, LAST YEAR. *pfft*

It was incredibly hectic for me, for the past three weeks with assignment deadlines, getting sick three times in three weeks and just being dead overall. Plus, I lost a few kilos due to my sickness which was food poisoning then stomach ulcer and lastly, sore throat which lead to fever. I stopped eating healthy for those three weeks other than the fact that I couldn’t actually eat much or at all, for that matter. I got sick right after Christmas which was after I ate all the calories in one sitting, but it’s okay, I barfed it out.

It’s unhealthy and I took a lot of days off from college to rest and recuperate at home. I gained back my health and strength but not my weight. I can’t say I mind that my weight doesn’t want to come back, hehehe.

So today, I started to eat healthy again. One cup of hot milo with a few crackers for breakfast, plenty of water to keep me hydrated especially, in this extremely HUMID BOILING LAVA weather we’re facing right now. No air-conditioning can save any of us, we sweat even if the air-conditioner is on. *sigh*

Lunch, my dad bought for me takeout mixed rice. Chicken rendang with fried fish and rice. I hardly ate the rice, ate two piece of the chicken rendang and ate a few bites of the fish. I actually did not like what my dad picked out because I really wanted vegetables and maybe chicken with a little bit of gravy. But it’s okay, i know my dad means no harm. (LOVE YOU PAPA ❤ )

For dinner, I had mixed leafy greens with a cup and a half of boiled broccoli, four dried apricots(cut in half), three cherry tomatoes(cut in half), pan-seared chicken breast (marinated in two tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, two tablespoon of Heinz yellow Mustard, a teaspoon of white pepper with a pinch of salt) with olive oil, and a tablespoon of Kewpie’s Roasted Sesame dressing on the greens.

I’m going jogging tomorrow morning cause I don’t want to die in the heat of the evening sun. haha. No joke.

If you have any opinions or recipes you’d like to share, please do comment. I would really like a variety of food and colours in my diet.

Thanks for reading and commenting, till next my post. Bye ! 🙂


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