Yesterday was my college friend’s Christmas party. I attended it with my best friend to keep me company, as always.

I made some bad decisions. SOME is the key word, nonetheless, I had my fill and was pretty happy with my decisions. I did not eat till I was stuffed and had a lot of fruits at the end.

I drank a lot of water instead of the soft drinks and juices they had plus, I had a lot of protein and salad. Mostly spaghetti bolognese and mashed potatoes cause it was FREAKING DELICIOUS.

Other than the food, we did some caroling, I came quite late though. Around 7.05pm when the party started around 6.30pm ish. We got lost twice cause we didn’t know the way and was using Waze. It’s pretty unreliable when it comes to like flyovers but all in all, it was good.

They gave us gifts too, even my best friend got one and he just met them all. It was so sweet and thoughtful of them, though they didn’t have to, considering we’re all going there to eat ALL THEIR FOOD. *cough* I mean, no, to celebrate with them.

Today, for breakfast/lunch, I had pork noodles. 1 bowl has like 400 calories so, I portioned it out to breakfast and lunch. Half a bowl for breakfast and half a bowl for lunch, which is pretty satisfying to me.

For dinner, I had fish, which has like LOADS of proteins. I had a 1/4 bowl of white rice, cause I can’t exactly cut it out entirely or I’ll get like terrible withdrawal symptoms, with stir-fry greens and water.

It was a good day today.

Anyhow, I’m going to finalize my diet plan soon and start planning on my workouts.

Plus, I need to start on my 10 page report on Salvador Dali’s “The Anthropomorphic Cabinet (1936)” painting as my Art’s assignment. Cause it’s due it 2 days. Oh gad, I keep doing this to myself.





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