Is it okay for me to miss you ?

It’s just one of those nights where, I remember the times when we laughed for hours on end and planned our future doing everything together. We was hundred percent sure we were gonna grow up together and never separate but, we did. We changed

Life changed us and we couldn’t do anything about it. We changed goals, habits and evidently, friends.

Why did we let go of this precious bond that binds us together ? Why did we stop holding on to each other like we used to ? We stopped depending on each other because we both went on with our lives doing other things and we shouldn’t lose sight of each other but, we still did.

The fact that we let go and I watched you go on with your life perfectly fine, it’s excruciatingly painful. Not because I think you should feel depress or you shouldn’t be living life but, because I couldn’t be there with you in all those moments. I couldn’t celebrate with you, cry with you or laugh with you.

I miss you with all my heart, not only because you were my best friend but you were like my twin I thought I’ve finally found.

I wished I knew what you say about me or even, thought about me when I’m not around. I wished I could turn back time and save our friendship but I know I can’t and I know it can’t be saved. Because, by the look of things, you seem happy with your new best friends.

Then again, not everything is what it seems.


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