“I love you.” he said with all his heart and soul as he caress her cheek. She kissed his forehead and smiled ever so gently and he knew, she loves him too.

In all his life, he never knew he would find someone like her. So gentle and caring yet so fierce and headstrong. He loved every inch of her; from her long, silky mane to her tiny cute toes. But most importantly, he loved her for who she is on the inside.

‘What else would I want ?’ he thought to himself till that day when he found out, she cheated on him.

Furious and blinded with rage, he blamed it all on her. He called her names.


All the rage in the world couldn’t cover the hurt and betrayal he felt and his voice cracked as he kept repeating those words. To convinced himself, ‘I didn’t do anything wrong. It was all HER.’ and yet, WHY ? Why can’t he convince himself ? No matter how hard he tried, he can’t.

With his thoughts swirling uncontrollably and his heart aching, he gave up. He broke down and sobbed quietly but with each passing minute, his sobs turned into wails and he couldn’t stop. He bawled his eyes out, curled up on the floor with all her pictures torn and her smiling face was left with nothing but bits and pieces, scattered everywhere.

He was broken.


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