Hectic Indeed.

So, prom is less than 2 days away aaaaaaaaaand I haven’t got my dress ! O: OWHMAHGERD, I know I’m like super late but assignments and exams are drowning me in their sorrowful pit. HOWEVER, that’s not all. since I’m part of the program designing team, I have to always be planning and buying the things. SIGHH, life of a college kid sure is hard.

But with all honesty, I am loving every minute of it ! I mean, like really, I can’t wait to see all our hard work paid off on Prom Night ! To actually be part of something and see it come to life is just…indescribable. Maybe that’s why all the event planners and designers love their jobs, Maybe I should be a designer or something. But, I’m studying business in a college where bananas are very rare. Most of the students here speak Chinese and it’s super rare to find a banana. Haha.

Yes people, I’m a Chinese who doesn’t know how to speak its mother tongue. A banana ! DUN DUN DUUUUN. 

Okay, I think I’ve done enough for now. Got to head to class soon. 


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