To Have & To Hold.

I don’t know why. but I keep expecting from him when I know I shouldn’t. Like just an hour ago, he asked me to help him find Christmas ornaments. I mean, as a girl and it’s nearing Christmas, what else would you think ? He has something planned.

However, that wasn’t the case what so ever, apparently he was just trying to do another one of those Miley’s wrecking ball picture. Replace the huge thingy that Miley was sitting on with a Christmas ornament. I honestly don’t get it.

Or maybe I was just over-thinking. I don’t know. But I just keep disappointing myself with all this expectations. Like, I have to stop or else it’ll never end. That horrible pit feeling in my gut whenever I get disappointed.


Yep, I should stop expecting. But in other news, I already planned out our Christmas together (: and his gift, of course. Now it’s just saving my pocket money time. HEHE.

So here are the Christmas ornaments and backdrop I found for him.

EXPLODING CHRISTMAS BALLexploding-christmas-ornaments-3

RANDOM FIREPLACE BACKDROPil_570xN.365016334_qe2e

LOVELY CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS.Red-Christmas-ornaments-christmas-22228404-500-311


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