Like It Or Not

Where did it go wrong ? Maybe I’ve been too hard on him. Maybe I’m being selfish wanting him all to myself on a night where couples dance together in a dim lit mass hall.

I’m sorry if I’m being selfish. Really, I am. But I can’t help it. My FIRST prom ever. The made up hair, the soft simple make up, the pretty dresses and shiny shoes. A time where we look so elegant and pretty just to dance. Okay, maybe that was superficial. To look pretty just to dance. But it’s honestly romantic and just a day for us to be pretty and handsome.

I just wished it was easier done than said. Cause now, it’s like everything is wanting that special day to be ruined for me. It’s probably my fault. I was supposed to do things a week before, not a day before. I guess, now it’s all coming back to me.



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