Lately, I have no idea what to blog about. I mean, I have so much things to say and just need to type it out but when I start to blog, no words would come out. I’m sad keeping it all inside with no one to talk to and no words would come out even if I wanted to talk or type. I really have no idea what’s going on with me. Why am I acting/feeling this way ?

I feel tortured. 


I See Fire

So, after watching The Hobbit, I fell in love with this song. It’s just so nice.

The Hobbit was awesome too ! But like a cliff hanger, seriously ? UGGHH, now I HAVE to watch the next one.



Hey guys, I’m back !


HAHA, not really, just sleep dead maybe.

Sooo, yesterday was a horribly wonderful day.

Horribly as in horrible. Like, 7am till 8.30pm was horrible.

The wonderful part was the rest of the night !

I loved ballroom dancing and watching the dance performance.

Last part of the event was RAVING !

Yes, we raved. On Prom Night.

There was a DJ there and all. The lights was AWESOME.

Everything was honestly, better than I expected.

Cause there was A LOT and I mean A LOT of problems :/

So, the organizers, which was not me, I’m like the helper.

The organizers kept changing things last minute.

Everything was so hectic and yeah.

We only opened the reception at 6.30pm when it was supposed to be open by 6.00pm

We served dinner by 7.40pm and there wasn’t enough tables !

Like, about 100 over people was sitting behind waiting for a table.

And some of them have more than 10 people in one

sitting so, we suggested to separate so they could at least have dinner.

BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOO, they just HAVE to sit together.

Like ugh. Making our work more complicated than it already is !


But in the end, everyone got a table, food and great entertainment.

The Prom Queen was gorgeous but the King was…MEH.

haha, not SOOO good looking.

I wish I had a video of it with me now but I don’t ):

Sorry guys !

So, it was good (: Went for McD after everything was over.

Went home and just crash till like 4pm.

All in all, our hardwork paid off.

Loved that night (:

But I’m still sleepy now and hungry too ._.

Thanks for reading guys,

hopefully I didn’t bored you to death.


Signing off for today.

Ciao guys 🙂

Hectic Indeed.

So, prom is less than 2 days away aaaaaaaaaand I haven’t got my dress ! O: OWHMAHGERD, I know I’m like super late but assignments and exams are drowning me in their sorrowful pit. HOWEVER, that’s not all. since I’m part of the program designing team, I have to always be planning and buying the things. SIGHH, life of a college kid sure is hard.

But with all honesty, I am loving every minute of it ! I mean, like really, I can’t wait to see all our hard work paid off on Prom Night ! To actually be part of something and see it come to life is just…indescribable. Maybe that’s why all the event planners and designers love their jobs, Maybe I should be a designer or something. But, I’m studying business in a college where bananas are very rare. Most of the students here speak Chinese and it’s super rare to find a banana. Haha.

Yes people, I’m a Chinese who doesn’t know how to speak its mother tongue. A banana ! DUN DUN DUUUUN. 

Okay, I think I’ve done enough for now. Got to head to class soon. 

To Have & To Hold.

I don’t know why. but I keep expecting from him when I know I shouldn’t. Like just an hour ago, he asked me to help him find Christmas ornaments. I mean, as a girl and it’s nearing Christmas, what else would you think ? He has something planned.

However, that wasn’t the case what so ever, apparently he was just trying to do another one of those Miley’s wrecking ball picture. Replace the huge thingy that Miley was sitting on with a Christmas ornament. I honestly don’t get it.

Or maybe I was just over-thinking. I don’t know. But I just keep disappointing myself with all this expectations. Like, I have to stop or else it’ll never end. That horrible pit feeling in my gut whenever I get disappointed.


Yep, I should stop expecting. But in other news, I already planned out our Christmas together (: and his gift, of course. Now it’s just saving my pocket money time. HEHE.

So here are the Christmas ornaments and backdrop I found for him.

EXPLODING CHRISTMAS BALLexploding-christmas-ornaments-3

RANDOM FIREPLACE BACKDROPil_570xN.365016334_qe2e

LOVELY CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS.Red-Christmas-ornaments-christmas-22228404-500-311

Like It Or Not

Where did it go wrong ? Maybe I’ve been too hard on him. Maybe I’m being selfish wanting him all to myself on a night where couples dance together in a dim lit mass hall.

I’m sorry if I’m being selfish. Really, I am. But I can’t help it. My FIRST prom ever. The made up hair, the soft simple make up, the pretty dresses and shiny shoes. A time where we look so elegant and pretty just to dance. Okay, maybe that was superficial. To look pretty just to dance. But it’s honestly romantic and just a day for us to be pretty and handsome.

I just wished it was easier done than said. Cause now, it’s like everything is wanting that special day to be ruined for me. It’s probably my fault. I was supposed to do things a week before, not a day before. I guess, now it’s all coming back to me.